Hello world….I’ve overcome my TS!

Hey fellow TS’er! I’ve got some really exciting news to share with you.  In case you don’t know much about me, let me share a little about myself.  My name is Marc Elliot.  I lived with TS for about 20 years of my life and ended up creating a whole career based on my experience with it.  I’m now currently an inspirational speaker on tolerance sharing my story and message with my presentation “What Makes You Tic?”  I was named 2011 College Speaker and Diversity of the Year by Campus activities, spoken in over 40 states, and my message has reached over a half million people.  I state all is to reiterate how TS has dominated every aspect of my life for literally 20 years.  You can see what I’m talking about at marcelliot.com.
The good news is that if you met me right now, you wouldn’t know for a second that I ever lived with TS.    Two years ago I met a man who introduced me to some human potential courses.   I ended up taking the courses with the hopes to simply grow as a person.  The course had literally nothing to do with TS or medical conditions for that matter.  However, as I took more courses my “itch” continued to go down and down.  I ended up taking a few more higher level courses last summer and walked out with my TS down about 90%.  As I continued to do more work over the past year, I’m now at the point where I literally have to show a video at the beginning of my speeches to illustrate to my audiences what my life used to be like.
I’m sharing this news with you because a grant has been established for other people with TS to take this course to see if what happened to me can be replicated.   If it can, future medical studies will be done to show the world that this course could be another avenue for people to overcome his or her TS in a totally mind over body fashion.  The grant will cover the costs of the courses for a few people with TS who are over 18 years old or older.
Thus, this opportunity will be given to a few applicants. If you’re interested or have questions please get in touch with me via email, marc@marcelliot.com. The first course will start in August. 
If you’re not interested, I totally understand and I wish you well on your journey.
   Marc Elliot
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Nominated 2012 Male Performer of the Year….

Students from around the country have nominated me again in Campus Activities Magazine for Male Performer of the Year!  I’m humbled to know that students feel still feel connected to my message and me.

If you have a valid college email address I would be grateful for your support and vote!

Go here:  http://www.campusactivitiesmagazine.com/awards.php

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TEDx Editor Pick of the Week!

Out of all of the TEDx’s videos, I’ve been selected as an editor’s pick for the week of Jan 30th, 2012.  Despite the fact the titel of the program is off a bit, this such a privilege.  A huge thanks to everyone at the Hewitt school for giving the chance to share my message.  Speaking at the TEDx talk was definitely the closest thing to taking a test since graduating college.  If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video at the following link:




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Future TV Star? Check me out on The Doctors TOMORROW

I know, I know…I’ve neglected this blog for far too long. But I’ve had some amazing stuff happen in the past few months that I am so excited to share with you.

First, I’m going to be on the TV show, The Doctors…tomorrow!

The episode is called “Don’t Judge: It’s Not Their Fault!” and it discusses the medical reasons behind strange behaviors, like OCD or strange eating habits. And I was invited to share my own story with Tourette’s for this episode. My first time on national TV! I can’t thank the producers enough for letting me share my own experiences on such a big stage – I can’t wait to do this again!

You can find out when and on what channel The Doctors is showing in your area by clicking this link: http://thedoctorstv.com/main/local_listings

Stay tuned and set your DVRs for The Doctors tomorrow…I’ll be back soon with another huge announcement!

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It’s official…2011 College Speaker & Diversity Artist of the Year

I can’t believe it.  Campus Activities Magazine named me 2011 College Speaker & Diversity Artist of the Year.  Three years ago I  had a little idea and three years later I’m named college speaker of the year.  Thank you so much to everyone that voted for me!   I’ve had literally an army of people help me get to where I am today and am beyond grateful for all of the support I’ve received.   Live and Let Live Baby!

For the full article click HERE!



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Panama Day 4: Kosher Food in Panama?

Today I sadly had my last my engagement at Panama at the Instituto de Albert Einstein in Panama.  When I heard first heard that I was speaking there I immediately thought, “wait there are Jews in Panama?”  I should have known better that there are Jews everywhere!  The schools is absolutely beautiful and it compared to nothing I had seen in Panama yet.  I gave the presentation in a gorgeous amphehtieather where 300 Panamanian students and faculty  filled the seats.  You won’t believe it, but I had had air condiditoning for this one!

After the presentation I had the opportunity to each lunch with the students.  The school has its own cafeteria that is completely kosher — I couldn’t believe it.   After taking more pictures with students on blackberry thatn I could count and even signing some autographs on napkins, I had an incredible feeling of accomplishment as I walked away from my fourth and final school.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to all of the schools that brought me into their communties to allow me to share my message of “Live and Let Live.”  I could have never imagined response from students as I hopped from school to the next.   Panama is special place and I got a good feeling that it won’t be too long until I’m back again!  Until then….. Vive y Deja Vivir!

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Marry Me?

As I’ve gotten older the idea of getting married has gotten less appealing.  I most definitely love companionship and if I ended up spending my life with one individual I’m sure it would be amazing, but the thought of marriage is as non-existant as my intestines; however, I couldn’t pass up the opporutnity to surprise one of my best friend Ross.  In the middle of freezing January, my friend Ross took a MegaBus from Boston to NYC to visit some friends and I of course took this as opportunity to do what anyone in my position would do – – propose to Ross as he got off the bus.

The funniest part for me is that there were multiple MegaBuses that came to the drop-off location within a short amount of time and I had no idea which one Ross was on.  So I stood outside of each bus holding my huge sign , “Ross, Marry Me?”   Numerous times people would take pictures of me and tell me congratuatlions.  One time somebody yelled out, “Who is she?” and I replied, “It’s a guy!   Finally, Ross’s bus came but he happened to be the first person off the bus.   Although it was a bit anti-climatic, Ross stood in shock and had the absolute biggest smile on his face.

It definitely was a good test run for the future!  But honestly, if I do end up meeting some unbelievable girl, I hope she would have the independence to be able to propose to me as well!

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