Where in the World is Marc – – The Conserve School

The beginning of the “tour” started in one of the most remote places I could have ever imagined – – the Conserve School (CS).  CS is located in Land ‘O Lakes Wisconsin.  To get there I took a plan from St. Louis to Minneapolis, then a plane from Minneapolis to an airport in Wasseau (it only has 4 gates), and then with an awesome vocal teacher of CS named Pam we drove two more hours north to upstate Wisconsin.  Besides the fact that it was almost 0 degrees Fahrenheit at some points, what an amazing experience I had at the Conserve school.

A huge thanks goes out to Carol Hotchkiss for making this event happen!

IMG_1022Meeting some students at the Conserve School

Quite surprisingly, the CONSERVE school has a shrine of the man who created the school with a museum of all of the wild animal he killed back in the day - - ironic? I’ve decided that I am totally for the hunting of wild and obscure animals if the hunter uses any sort of weapon that requires hand to paw combat!


Just a snippet of this beautiful school


It's show time!

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