The Suffield Academy

This was my first stop in the northeast and my first experience with a New England Boarding School.  All I can say is that if my future speeches can go half as well as it did at Suffield, I will be a very happy man!  Driving up an hour from New Haven where I stayed with a long time friend Greg Lipstein, there is no question my nerves were racing a bit.  But as soon as I met Charlie Cahn, the headmaster at Suffield Academy, I just knew everything was going to go really well.   After having lunch with some students Charlie walked wiht me to a nearby chapel where I would be giving my speech.  Although a bit dautning at first, this type venue turned out to be amazing.  Even though there were almost 500 students the seating arrangement made it out to be a very intimate setting, which only can help a speaker.  As the students rolled I could not help but hold back my excitement.  This was it – – game time!

As I concluded with my final words,  all of a sudden the students at the Suffield Academy began to stand at their feet appluading.  Never before in my life had I received a standing ovation.  The feeling was beyond exhilaurating; it was in short beyond humbling.  The students at the Suffield Academy validated me as speaker and only solidified my passion to continue speaking.  It was after this engagement that I decided to take an additional year-off to try to spread my message of tolerance.  Thank you so much all the students at the Suffield Academy.

A huge thanks goes out to Charlie Cahn for making this event happen!


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