The Windy City – Carmel Catholic High School

Today I had the most wonderful experience speaking at Carmel Catholic High School, which is located about 45 minutes outside of Chicago.  This is by far one of the biggest engagements I have ever had as I gave my speech in an auditorium of almost 1500 students.   The speech went incredibly well.  The funniest part was at the end, the first question of the Q & A was, “Are you single?”  A roar of laughter followed by my simple response, “Call me in five years!”  I want to thank the diversity club so much for sponsoring me as a speaker and allowing me to share my message of tolerance with  the school.  The diversity club also presented a wonderful five minute power presentation after my speech illuminating all the differences between students in a school where one would think there are not many differences at all.   Thank you so much Carmel Catholic high school for having me!

Here is a link to an article that was published in the Daily Herald.

Me in the gym speaking to almost 1500 students at Carmel Catholic

Me in the gym speaking to almost 1500 students at Carmel Catholic. A huge thanks to the reporter from the Daily Herald for taking this incredible picture!

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