Back to the Old Stomptin Grounds

While I wasspeaking in Los Angeles, I got an amazing email from the Greek Life Office at Washington University in St. Louis that they would want me to come back and speak at Wash U.  Although I had spoken there sort of informally the past year, this was an awesome invitation to be able to come back to campus as an established alum.  What made the engagement even better was the fact I got to speak in the beautiful Graham Chapel.  And even though the presentation went really, it is always weird to speak to individuals that know me or at least knew about me on campus.  Here is a link to the article that was published in the school newspaper.

I want to thank the GLO so much for making this event possible!



Back at my alma mater!



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2 Responses to Back to the Old Stomptin Grounds

  1. Klint says:

    Dear Marc…I know exactly what you are going through! I have tourettes my self! I learned however another way to control thats work to this day. I am now a sucessful business associate in the grocery retail industry working FULL TIME! I would however like to talk to you more on this issue. Please contact me on the email address I have provided. I look forward to hearing from another like me!

  2. Warisa N.Komol says:

    Hi Marc, my name is Warisa and I’m from Thailand. I happened to come across one of your videos in youtube, and was so impressed with how positive you are in life, i decided to follow the link that you left on the video to this website.

    In short, i just want you to know that you are a huge inspiration to me, and that this inspiration will not end here. I will forward the link and the clips to everybody i know so they can become inspired too!!!!

    i wish you the best, for you are the best!!

    Warisa N.Komol

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