My first corporate job…

haha I should clarify.  I had my first speaking engagement at a corporation – – BIG DIFFERENCE.  Today, I had the privilege of speaking at Booz Allen Hamilton, which is a huge consulting for government.  The way this event actually came about is through a wonderful guy and friend named Alex Semertzides.  Alex knew about my speaking and thought I would be an incredible addition to their Diversity Initiative at BAH.   Before I knew it, I was booking a flight to D.C. to deliver my first speech to a corporation.    

I had the chance to speak to about 40 members and who knows how many on webcast (BAH streamed it online so anyone in the company could wathc).  On top of that, before the speech an employee for BAH brought her daughter to the presentation who also has Tourette’s syndrome.  What a special moment it was for both of us, because I was the first person she had ever met with Tourette’s syndrome.   

Being my first corporate engagement I was obviously a bit nervous, but in the end the engagement went incredibly well.  By changing my message a bit to incorporate tolerance in the workforce, I definitely have created a whole new avenue in which I can propel my message.  Look out corporations, Marc Elliot is looking for a job!


A huge thanks to Alex Semertzides, Melanie Porter, and Laura Treat Bulebush for making this event such a success!

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