My Starbuck Girls!

In NYC there are more starbucks than anyone could ever imagine.  Within one block of my place there are two of them – – unreal!

Today, I was at one of them four about 5 hours.  Within that time I had about four Tourette encounters with strangers.  I had one man accuse me of faking my TS and even said verbatim “Maybe you can get away with that in the Midwest, but you can’t get away with that in Manhattan.”  How ironic, since I’m from St. Louis.   

On top of that, I had a man that was very offended by me saying the word “faggot.”  He said, “Do you really have to say the f word.”  The conversation that ensued was civil and educational.  I think he walked away truly understanding the full scope TS.  

I always, sit near the back of the store to disturb the least amount of people, so I was located right near the barista stand where all of the workers were.  Through out the day they witnessed these little brawls.  Once the store died down, I ended up having quite the “bonding” session with these starbuck workers whom all happened to be girls.  They elaborated on how awful they thought it was that people were giving me such a hard time.  To me, it was just another day but to people who are not with me all the time it can be a bit disheartening to watch.  After our conversation, one the workers named Natalie gave me a special gift from all the girls:  a starbucks paper cup that says “I love Marc.”  

Just another day in the life of Marc Elliot at Starbucks!


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