My new Promotional Video

It finally has arrived!!   After 8 months of professionally speaking I knew it was time to have a serious upgrade to my first promotional video created by one of my best friends Dreas Thyssen.  Luckily, in the speaking world I met a wonderful guy and amazing musician named Derek James (check him out on mysapce  On the side, Derek works for a video production company called Blonde Media ( and he generously offered to help me create a new video.  With the help and genius of another employee and friend, Glenn Shockey, they were able to help me put together an absolutely incredible video.   It was an amazing experience to shoot and put this video together.  In case your curious, the interview was shot in Madison Square Park right next the infamous Shake Shake Shack.

One of the neatest parts of the video is that I put in quotes that I have received in response to my speech from high students from all over the country.  The best part is that the voice that you hear in the video is their actual voice…no actors here!!

I can’t thank Blonde Media, Derek James, and Glenn Shockey for everything they have done for me. With there help I will now be able to spread my message of tolerance to literally thousands upon ten of thousands of more people around the world.   I would also like to thank Dreas Thyseen for helping me create my first video (which many parts have been spliced into this one) and to Maxine Nienow for adding some awesome touches to the video!


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