Marry Me?

As I’ve gotten older the idea of getting married has gotten less appealing.  I most definitely love companionship and if I ended up spending my life with one individual I’m sure it would be amazing, but the thought of marriage is as non-existant as my intestines; however, I couldn’t pass up the opporutnity to surprise one of my best friend Ross.  In the middle of freezing January, my friend Ross took a MegaBus from Boston to NYC to visit some friends and I of course took this as opportunity to do what anyone in my position would do – – propose to Ross as he got off the bus.

The funniest part for me is that there were multiple MegaBuses that came to the drop-off location within a short amount of time and I had no idea which one Ross was on.  So I stood outside of each bus holding my huge sign , “Ross, Marry Me?”   Numerous times people would take pictures of me and tell me congratuatlions.  One time somebody yelled out, “Who is she?” and I replied, “It’s a guy!   Finally, Ross’s bus came but he happened to be the first person off the bus.   Although it was a bit anti-climatic, Ross stood in shock and had the absolute biggest smile on his face.

It definitely was a good test run for the future!  But honestly, if I do end up meeting some unbelievable girl, I hope she would have the independence to be able to propose to me as well!

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